Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to my world

In this alcove of cyberspace I am working to furnish this neighborhood with beauty, joy, light, delight, truth and many more wonderful colors of human expression
For many years I have been encountering and documenting people of achievement from around the world. My fascination, camera and curiosity have had me treading on distant soil and be in the same space with many of the world's most significant people.

In this blog I am turning the spotlight on, for the first time some of the shining stars I have been blessed to photograph. My intention is and always has been to offer to you and the world at large the inspiration I have so abundantly been blessed to receive. I have sought out those amongst us who have inspired me. I've documented the experience with camera, pen and keyboard. Within this space you will see and read the results of these encounters. My hope is to inspire you onward to achieve ever more in your life.

I am in the process of writing about the encounters I have had with these enchanting, intriguing and world-life transforming individuals. I will announce where the writing will appear in future posts. My sincere hope is that these moments you spend here will ignite your willingness to go farther up in life or to dive deeper into who or what inspires you the most.

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Hugh’s life of adventure was engendered growing up in the tough streets of Harlem New York. He pledged early on to succeed personally and then to share his empowerment with the community. From his early teens, he used photography as his chief form of expression. This continuing passion has taken him around the world several times. He has an overall theme to his work of documenting the Supreme achievers among us; notables from widely divergent fields such as the Dalai Lama, President Clinton, Muhammad Ali ,Steve Martin and Richard Pryor. Hugh can be contacted at